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November 18, 2012


Seth Adelman

Thanks very much for publishing this Nigel. It was a pleasure to prepare and I learned a tremendous amount in the process.

The final link in your intro above explains in more detail how the list was compiled, but I'd like to mention a few things here:

The purpose of doing this was not to just group the podcasts by category but to order them in a way that maximizes the connections between topics and (I hope) enhances understanding.

Individual sections within the list are the main units of focus. There's lots of repetition throughout so that each section will be as rich as possible with relevant material.

A few of the podcasts may seem out of place if we look at just their titles. Often, though, the interviews go in many directions, and it's the content of the podcasts as a whole that determines their order.

I would be most interested to hear if other listeners find this sort of scheme useful and if there are ways to improve the organization of the list.

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