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July 18, 2009



The Online Library of Liberty is a great resource for original texts - put together by a right-wing foundation, but it has a huge amount of texts by writers who don't fit the Locke-Mises-Hayek view of liberty as the right to private property and free markets, but had other conceptions of liberty. And they will send you a DVD containing a lot of it, even if you live in the UK.


Frau Silke

Autodidacts never had it so good.

yes, yes, yes
and if you consider, that having been borne a German in Germany in 1942 I had to wait until the advent of amazon to even get unencumbered access to English literature in English you can imagine that now I feel blessed every day
the internet is for me a daily visit in paradise and the only thing that makes me feel wary is that I see no reasonable payment scheme anywhere - being rather old all this free stuff makes me feel uncomfortably like a free-loader (Schnorrer is the German word)
by the way, iTunes offers a quite simple payment scheme even if I do not understand why I should pay 0,99 € for what elsewhere is sold for 0,99 $. Probably there's a trick to avoid the Euro-penalty, but I am too lazy to look for it - another obstacle in developping a simple payment scheme.

On the other hand: for your two talks with Quentin Skinner that I have fished out of iTunes -,99 € would be a shamefully low price to pay


A good thing too!
Adults are consigned to the margins of Academe and Life Chances and Genuine opportunity and eqaulity of opportunity is not a character of the Academy which worships at the Shrines of Youth and Normalcy ie no disabilities, mental illness etc and that being factored in, in a just way, into the lifecycles of persons concerned.
I will take and I will take without fear, research Papers, Podcasts,Public Lectures, whatever is made available and is downloadable. Of course it's not JSTOR and my academic activities are based on Abnormal Access but one still has to learn and theorise in situ regardless of odds ISMS and cultural set ups and ideals against you (Taylor Sources of the Self Homeric Self example of). I think Autodidacts should be fed.
I am engaged on a rigorous Reading and Audiobook on Philosophy because it is a Cornerstone Discipline.I am trying to construct Book Reviews as it is a basic Academic Skill as is learning to master the varieties of Philosophical Texts. (my websites need lots of improvements BTW and Academics have been known to visit).
My aim is to overcome disadvantage, prejudice (bernard williams on youtube is one thing for me to listen to as to why we should be pompous snobbish gits and exclude all sorts) because I want a FUTURE and the world and it's mother does favour Adults because they are Adults (what poor reasoning!) and we ought to fight back.
Autodidactism free range should be the cornerstone of all Learners. I wonder how Taylor Nussbaum etc get through the massive qauntities of books they obviously consume, let alone be conversant in them in french German Latin Greek all the pillars of a Private Elitist Education.
So I hope your remark is not meant in sarcasm.
I am aware how Elitest priviliged groups suppressed the working class intelligentsia (The Bloomsbury group with LSE founders Webbs and mentally ill Virginia woolf Rose the Intellectual life of the working classes yale). Hence, one should be profiligate and wanton in accessing resources that might earn one the classification of 'Autodidact' (there is also the issue of Academic wounding and deficits that require remedying but that is another issue). Thanks for the podcasts. I listen to a wide variety of them and am grateful for each one.
NB I am reviewing a Research Proposal draft for a Practioner and thankfully I have friends and family members who are Academics, one of which is hopefully continuing to help me get this bloody thing done so I need de facto access to all these illicit but legit resources.

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