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September 07, 2008



Very true,but humans do not just 'dwell in middle land,' every material being, is by nature a unit of the middle land (Equator) of Spacetime-Continuum.-Aiya-Oba (Discoverer):
Principle Of Included Middle.

Geert Arys

Just my 2 bit:
Is it possible we, as living beings, are bad in probability not because of some sort of scale problem (statistics dont mind scale imho), but because of the necessity to avoid risk?
In our need to survive, we should take absolutely no uncessary risks, because death (or in many cases injury) is quite irreversible.
For instance, I would absolutely go on a far-away holliday if one tells me there is a 1-on-a-thousand chance of a meteor impact on my house in the coming week.
Thus, we focus hard on the smaller chances to avoid or at least to cover for those smaller chances.
Sometimes, I wonder, if this does work the other way around too: lotteries offer such great reward we are willing to take an average loss...

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