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May 04, 2008



Thanks for that episode. I enjoyed it a lot, though it was painfully too short.

Happy anniversary! Keep it up!

Kelly Heuer

Hi Nigel,

Just thought I'd pop over to wish Philosophy Bites a very happy birthday! I love listening to the variety of philosophers you have on the podcast, and am always amazed at the wonderful questions to ask to steer conversation in just the right direction. I'm not sure how you manage to make the discussions sophisticated enough to be of interest to a listener intimately familiar with the topic, yet accessible enough to a pure dilettante, but you've never failed to make it happen! Cheers to Philosophy Bites, and many happy returns.

Kelly :)


Happy first anniversary!

I have to say, I listened to the episode on Hobbes a few times before my Political Theory exam. Thanks!


Thanks for them all.




Philosophy Bites provides me with a well-balanced diet of 'brain food' on a weekly basis . Happy anniversary!


Your success is probably because you have done better than most in creating a Socratic discussion space. Something the modern world is crying out for. Why not expand the format to allow more extended discussions? For instance, you can interview 'Socrates' for ten minutes. Then we can all make comments/ask questions, then Socrates comes back a week later, and so on... So who should be Socrates? It could vary, but why not start with yourself Nigel? You could start by looking at some of the more interesting questions that have been asked over the period of philosophy bytes.

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