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April 11, 2008


João Feliz

No it isn't. I don't think I can agree with you and Miss O'Connor. I am just a curious reader, but nobody cares when I am into Russell, Mill or Marx, however tormented or anguished I look. On the other hand, when running a half marathon, also tormented and anguished, there is always a dashing woman shouting:"oh, great legs, oh, nice buttocks" - it is my wife and I will run more and read less.

Justin R. M.

The article wasn't so much a commentary on the sex appeal of philosophy—although a tangential point was made to that end—as it was a report on the status of philosophy in Universities as a major that is practical, rewarding, and rising in popularity. As a philosophy major myself it's nice to see such a fascinating subject get the respect that it deserves. Although, personally, I still get the annoying “what can you do with that degree?” question quite a bit.



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