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March 21, 2008



I've been listening to your podcast along with reading the book. Sorry to hear you won't be completing the series, as I'd been enjoying listening to them. Thanks for the link.

João Feliz

I was expecting the podcast on Mill's "Utilitarianism" (yes, I did buy the book). You see, happiness is a family matter - my family matter (the name "João Feliz", in plain english, would be something like "John Happy"), and so I do not take kindly when people have a go at Mill, not on the happiness issue, anyway. I particulary resent some of those "unpalatable consequences" (I really bought the book), as some others misconceptions, portraiting happiness as a blessed or drug induced state (how farfetched is that?), but didn't Mill answer those questions when he said "the truth of an opinion is part of its utility" and again "no belief which is contrary to truth can be really useful"?
- Be happy!, I dare to wish (since you can not all be Happy).

Nigel Warburton

Well, I might reconsider and podcast some more chapters if enough people really are buying the book!

Justin R. M.

I have the book (3rd ed.) and I've always wondered why you left out Hegel and Heidegger. To be sure, it would be one hell of a headache to condense that stuff, but if you did I'm sure your prose wouldn't be nearly as garbled as theirs. Perhaps if you don't include those philosophers in any new editions of the book you could do a podcast on some those philosophers that you left out. Just a thought.

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