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April 22, 2007


Carolyn Ann

Mr. Harris' main "issue" seems to be in confusing Fundamentalist Christians with all Christians. While I can certainly understand, I don't think he's doing himself any favors, so to speak.

Christian Fundamentalists "speak" a different language to others (in any theological debate). Their language is loaded with absolutes and certainties; truth is redefined and the concept of "sin" is ever-present.

They're also the most likely to vociferously respond to Mr. Harris' attacks. They perceive them (and although these are generalizations, I've found them to be reasonably accurate in the discussions I've have with Fundamentalists), they perceive these attacks to be ad hominem. Because Mr. Harris "attempts" to discredit their ultimate spiritual leader.

I suspect that Mr. Harris' antipathy is a result of a few too many run-ins with that crowd; I know I've experienced the same anger. Principally because they/many of them launch into personal attacks against atheists at the drop of a hat. (I've had enough insults flung my way to have an appreciation of Mr. Harris position!)

While I agree with most of what Mr. Harris says, I do hope he manages to rephrase it into less combative terms. It sometimes works.

Carolyn Ann

PS There is a reason for being less combative: many Fundamentalists, as they express a desire to condemn you to hell, will find it difficult to maintain their high-ground when they're forced to be polite. Pushing someone into the Eternal Fires is a lot harder if you have to be polite and nice...

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