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November 05, 2006



I'm currently in the stages of preparing for my next course - (OU) A211 - Philosophy and the Human Situation.

I recently completed A103 - Introduction to the Humanities (OU) with a decent pass mark. However, I often found myself spending far too much time on the task of completing essays. My biggest problem was allowing myself to be distracted and finding other things to do. I would sit for hours stirring at a blank screen wondering what the hell to write whilst pouring over my seemingly useless notes. With just hours to spare (I thank the Electronic TMA system for that privilege) I would just manage to pull off a decent essay, but I always felt it could have been a less stressful task that didn't take days to complete.

So, I've just read this book cover to cover and I feel 100 times better about starting A211. The advice given in this book is excellent and I've a new found confidence in tackling essays. I particularly enjoyed chapter 8 - The Craft of Writing. I only wish I read it before I started A103.

So, Cheers Nigel, thanks for producing a great book - I'm no longer frightened of essays whilst I've got this handy little guide next to my keyboard.



Very nice post, hope more to come. thanks thanks

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