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July 21, 2008



Awesome, thanks for Kierkegaard's podcast, and good job on all the podcasts!


I think there's something wrong with the last 20 seconds.

Thank you for all the podcasts!

Nigel Warburton writes:

Thanks for this. I've fixed it now!


Great to see you back - are we going to get some new ethics bites or philiosophy bites? Sorry to sound needy and/or greedy but they are so very good and I have missed any new ones although I must admit they do repay second (or even more) listenings.
Anyway - many thanks for the Kierkegaard - Either/Or was quoted in this week's TLS with ref to the ethics of poetry so I'm looking forward to listening to it

Nigel Warburton writes:

Thanks for this. There are nearly 70 episodes of Philosophy Bites available on www.philosophybites.com (we release them weekly - I'm recording some more today) or from iTunes. There are also 14 episodes of Ethics Bites available from www.open2.net/ethicsbites and on iTunes as well as a short video about the series. 4 of these Ethics Bites interviews also appear on Philosophy Bites. That should keep you busy!

Ian G Binnie

Either/Or implies a somewhat Manichean view of life which can be contemplated only from the traditional ivory tower and has little relevance to the life most of us lead.

Very little philosophical writing stands up to semantic analysis and this would seem to be no exception.

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