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April 04, 2008




Many, many thanks for continuing to podcast the book - I'm sure I'm not alone in buying the book but then reading it listening to the podcasts - much easier both to understand and retain.

I'd also be interested in hearing podcasts from your other book. I'm not a specialist but am fascinated by philosophical thinking and love the philosophy bites podcasts - they've got me both thinking more clearly (and widely) and reading more philosphy because you've convinced me that I can. Thoroughly enjoying Bertrand Russell at the moment!

Once again, many thanks


João Feliz

Thank you. After reading your Classics I bought Mill's On Liberty and Utilitarianism. I hope I can thank you soon for chapter 17.
On your "Philosophy: The Basics" (I have a nice portuguese edition) you could skip God and start with chapter 2.

Matt M

I'm an avid listener to 'Philosophy: The Classics', as well as both 'Philosophy Bites' and 'Ethics Bites' - so as far as I'm concerned, the more podcasts the better!

Scott B.

Any podcasts from your other books would be greatly appreciated by me. Like the commenter above I own your books already, but find that it's much easier to re-listen to something until it sinks in than it is to read something over and over.


In a word, for my part, yes - there is demand.

Robert Plautz

Yourself and other British philosophers are generously bringing the wealth of philosophical thinking to us nonspecialists.
Demand? How can we "demand" anything from you?
Need? There is always a need to think more; more clearly, more deeply.
Beg? Could we simply do this to persuade you that we really need ALL of your books narrated?
And I personally promise to buy every book you read from or comment on. (The books are available at the bookstore here in Tokyo!)

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