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September 10, 2007


Jeremy Henty

This would be a warm-up for Monty Python's "summarise Proust" competition, right?


Jean Kazez

My father is 81 and made up his mind he has to read the Critique of Pure Reason before it's too late. He's a theoretical physicist and he thinks (I guess) this is going to be revelatory. The problem is, of course, it's unreadable. So he's started reading a short book about it instead. The problem is that's unreadable too. Apparently it's quite sleep-inducing. Your 13 minute summary is going to be the perfect thing!

Rohan Bhandari

13 minutes???!!! I'm reading that damned thing for my philosophy major, and thats got to be some kind of record, if not proof of god reaching out through man to spread his message.

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