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August 20, 2007


Carolyn Ann

Yegads! I made the most grievous mistake by clicking "Open in New Tab" on those exemplars of obscurity! (Sorry, couldn't resist...)

I'd laugh, except I'm not sure it would be polite. :-)

Thank you, Mr Warburton, for pointers to such, er, inobvious prose. :-)

Carolyn Ann

Tim Lacy

What a horrific sentence! I'm sorry to report that I just finished reviewing a book, by a philosopher of education, whose main faults were exceedingly long sentences, laborious prose, and obfuscating jargon. It took me five months to read the book, and about three weeks to write the review - mostly because I tired of rereading passages while writing. Sadly, the main point of the book was a good one! It's a shame when good ideas and interesting thinking are disguised by bad writing. - TL

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