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September 18, 2006


Dan Cavedon-Taylor

Thought-provoking paper Nigel! For what it's worth, I think you're spot on here.

Some thoughts on ease of manipulation. I think it would be a fair observation to say that some philosophers of photography (e.g., Savedoff) appear to hold that the ease at which we are now able to manipulate photographs (via Photoshop, say) impinges upon the epistemic value of the medium. What those philosophers seem to miss, however, is that digital cameras (especially the latest ones which possess a high amount of megapixels) are able to capture the scene before the photographer in far greater, more minute detail than even the fastest of films. So digital photography, it seems, has the capacity to enhance the medium's epistemic status in spite of the ease at which they might be able to be manipulated.

Anyway, it's interesting!


Very interesting thoughts. Glad to read this.

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